Kurt Emans Shared 20 Pocket-Change Date Night Ideas

Low on cash? Date like you’re still in high school and enjoy these fun ideas together.

Kurt Emans Shared 20 Pocket-Change Date Night Ideas


  1. Have a dance party in your living room and dance to your favorite songs from high school.
  2. Borrow a movie from the library or find a movie on Hulu and make homemade stovetop popcorn while watching the classics.
  3. Pack some cheese, crackers, and grapes and your favorite old quilt and have a picnic on the lawn.
  4. Sit on the roof and watch the sunset together.
  5. Get dressed up in your most formal clothes and go to the coffee shop as if you’ve just been to a gala.
  6. Sit on a sidewalk bench and people watch, making up fake names and stories about the people you see.
  7. Play board games and see who is the ultimate Hungry, Hungry Hippos champion.
  8. Go on a hike.
  9. Bring your camera and take photos together at the tourist spots around town.
  10. Make s’mores over candlelight.
  11. Visit the museum on free admission night.
  12. Go to the book store and look at travel books, and then plan your dream vacation.
  13. Go to the farmers market and buy a new fruit that you’ve never tried.
  14. Carry along a loaf of old bread and feed the ducks at the lake.
  15. Go to a new restaurant and split a decadent dessert.
  16. Fly a kite at the park.
  17. Cuddle on the couch and reminisce about “remember when”, telling your favorite stories of when you first started dating.
  18. Go to the botanic gardens and hold hands while you stroll.
  19. Get a pint of ice cream, hang up twinkle lights on the patio, and enjoy your ice cream outside together in the evening.
  20. Go swimming without the kids.

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