Kurt Emans: Columbus Wilderness Medicine Expert

Kurt Emans is a wilderness medicine expert and educator based in the Columbus, Ohio area. Emans has many years of experience in education and in helping people in wilderness and natural disaster situations. Kurt Emans is the co-founder of Medicine Company in the Columbus area, which teaches first responders and others how to survive in difficult situations after natural disasters or in the wilderness. Emans loves his job because it combines his love of teaching people with his love of nature and wild areas.

Kurt Emans: Columbus Wilderness Medicine Expert

Kurt Emans, as the member of a nonprofit organization, helps teach many different courses in wilderness survival and rescue, as well as how to help people in the event of natural disaster. Students join instructors for a few days at a time to learn about the psychology of disaster victims, rescue survival, improvised transport for injured people, and wilderness evacuation. Students get to experience the beautiful area in the mountains in columbus ohio and learn about how to care for people injured in the field. They learn how to treat injuries, care for the sick and injured, and how to get them to safety.

Kurt Emans: Columbus Wilderness Medicine Expert

Kurt Emans makes sure that all of his students get the training they need to make a difference in the lives of people when they need help the most. Emans himself has volunteered to help people in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010 and has plenty of experience to teach others how to save lives.


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