Kurt Emans: Best Place to Live in Russia

The best place to live in Russia is definitely St.Petersburg. Now of course Kurt Emans may be a bit partial, when the city still bore the name Leningrad. But now we are the third largest city in Europe after London and Moscow and that many people can’t all be wrong.

Even relatively harsh climate can’t spoil the fun. St.Pete is the most northern city in the world with the population of more than a million. In fact St.Petersburg now has over 5 281 579 inhabitants officially.

Now about the people of St.Petersburg. According to official data 92% of us are ethnic Russians. Almost 40% have higher education. I don’t think we are the most open hearted people in the world, not really that talkative or smiley, most are sort of reserved tending to be a bit like Swedes or Finns in the aspect of socialization. But when a group of say Italians hop on a bus and ask a bus conductor for directions , seems like every passenger in range pitches in and help them, struggling with English but glad they helped.

And the city does attract tourists! 6.9 millions tourists visited the city last year (2016). The historical part of the city is just sheer beauty. Former capital of Russian Empire (before 1918) was destined to be home to magnificent palaces, churches, wide straight streets and spacious squares and parks. Just walk around the city centre, see it all and you’ll never get tired of it. Your legs may get tired but your soul won’t 🙂 Now we have more then 200 museums with marvels like Hermitage and Russian museum. One of my friends said it’s impossible to go buy some bread and not stumble into a museum.

Also we have lots of rivers and canals, city is built on 42 major and small islands and there are countless bridges – around 800 of those. Some are really spectacular, some are so small and romantic.

It’s nice to live in St.Petersburg but if you’ve had enough of the city you can always go to a park on the outskirts of the city. Pavlovsk, Pushkin, most famous and always crowded Petrodvorets with its gorgeous fountains, Oranienbaum park, Alexandria, Tsarskoe selo, Gatchina – love them all and love our northern nature.

There are some disadvantages to living in St.Pete. Like having virtually no sunny days in December (2 or 3 sunny days if you’re lucky and sun sets at 4pm), or heavy traffic and congested streets, or relatively expensive housing. But I would never change it for another place. Some Russian cities are richer some are more quaint and cozy but they are just not as good. Не то пальто, how we say it in Russian (‘not the same coat’ literally).

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