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Kurt Emans: Columbus Wilderness Medicine Expert

Kurt Emans is a wilderness medicine expert and educator based in the Columbus, Ohio area. Emans has many years of experience in education and in helping people in wilderness and natural disaster situations. Kurt Emans is the co-founder of Medicine Company in the Columbus area, which teaches first responders and others how to survive in difficult situations after natural disasters or in the wilderness. Emans loves his job because it combines his love of teaching people with his love of nature and wild areas.

Kurt Emans: Columbus Wilderness Medicine Expert

Kurt Emans, as the member of a nonprofit organization, helps teach many different courses in wilderness survival and rescue, as well as how to help people in the event of natural disaster. Students join instructors for a few days at a time to learn about the psychology of disaster victims, rescue survival, improvised transport for injured people, and wilderness evacuation. Students get to experience the beautiful area in the mountains in columbus ohio and learn about how to care for people injured in the field. They learn how to treat injuries, care for the sick and injured, and how to get them to safety.

Kurt Emans: Columbus Wilderness Medicine Expert

Kurt Emans makes sure that all of his students get the training they need to make a difference in the lives of people when they need help the most. Emans himself has volunteered to help people in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010 and has plenty of experience to teach others how to save lives.

Why I Love These Amazing Sink Designs (And You Should, Too!)

Do you love to decorate your kitchen and bathroom with awesome sink design? I help you for this. Here I’m listing 5 awesome sink design for your bathroom and kitchen, these design will make your home luxury. Go through the list of best 5 sink design and pick one for you.

Here is the list of beautiful sink design:

#1. Moroccan Ceramic Sink

10 Amazing Sink Designs for Your Bathroom and Kitchen

#2. Natural Stone Sinks

10 Amazing Sink Designs for Your Bathroom and Kitchen

#3. Aquarium Sinks

10 Amazing Sink Designs for Your Bathroom and Kitchen

#4. Contemporary Wave Sink

10 Amazing Sink Designs for Your Bathroom and Kitchen

#5. Rotating Sink with Chopping Board and Colander

10 Amazing Sink Designs for Your Bathroom and Kitchen

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List of World’s Top 10 Travel Booking Websites 2017 [Created by Kurt Emans]

Do you love travel? I know your answer is Yes! To make your next trip awesome, here I bring to you a list of world’s top 10 travel booking websites. Use this list and go with best one to book your next trip.

#1. Travel Booking Website Name: Travelocity

Book  and Save at Travelocity. Best Price Guarantee On Over 325,000 Hotels. Flight, Packages, Cars, and Travel Planning. Wander Wisely Today!

Travel Booking Website Name Travelocity

Website Address:

#2. Name of Travel Booking Website: Kayan

KAYAK is a travel search engine that searches hundreds of other travel sites at once. Our helpful tools & features find you the information you need to make the right decisions on flights, hotels, rental cars and vacation packages.

Name of Travel Booking Website Kayan

Website URL:

#3. Travel Booking Website Name: Orbitz

Plan your trip with Orbitz. Buy airline tickets, read reviews & reserve a hotel. Find deals on vacations, rental cars & cruises. Great prices guaranteed!

Travel Booking Website Name Orbitz

URL of Website:

#4. Travel Booking Website Name: HotWire

Save up to 60% on hotels and rent cars from $11.95/day. Book last minute flights for up to 43% off. Hotwire helps you find deals to meet your travel needs.

Travel Booking Website Name HotWire

Web Address:

#5. Name of Travel Booking Website: Hipmunk

Find cheap flights and deals on hotels with Hipmunk. We search hundreds of travel sites to find the best prices and take the agony out of travel planning.

Name of Travel Booking Website Hipmunk

Website URL:

#6. Name of Website: Travelado

Trivago – Compare Prices with Just One Click and Save 25% or More. Trivago Hotels, Trivago Flights, Vacation Packages, Cruises, Car Rental. Compare Travel Sites.

Name of Website Travelado

Website URL:

#7. Website Name:

Big savings on hotels in 96,000 destinations worldwide. Browse hotel reviews and find the guaranteed best price on hotels for all budgets.

Website Name Booking_com

URL of Website:

#8. Travel Booking Website Name:

Deep Discounts on Hotels, Flights and Rental Cars. Get Exclusive Savings with

Travel Booking Website Name Priceline_com

Website URL:

#9. Name of Travel Booking Website:

Stay 10 nights, get 1 FREE. Book now on using real guest reviews for real savings on hotel deals at hundreds of thousands of hotels.

Name of Travel Booking Website Hotels_com

Website URL:

#10. Travel Booking Website: OneTravel

Search thousands of cheap tickets and cheap flight offers to your favorite destinations around the world. Book vacations, find hotels, surf for discount airfare and new deals ­ all on

Travel Booking Website OneTravel

Website URL:

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Today’s Trending Topics On Twitter in The States

Here are the list of trending topics of The States on Twitter. Go through the list and share your views related these trending topics on Twitter:

#1. Trending Topic: #ThisIsUs

#2. Trending Topic: #WTHRSunrise

#3. Trending Topic:  #SpringDay1stWin

#4. Trending Topic: #NationalMargaritaDay

#5. Trend: “Sean Kingston”

#6. Trending Topic: “Inauguration Day”

#7. Trending Topic: “Seijun Suzuki”

#8. Trending Topic: “Amnistía Internacional”

#9. Trending Topic: “Rep. Maxine Waters”


Kurt Emans: The Magic of Market Economy

Market production is what happens when two parties, one of which may be Kurt Emans, agree to conduct a transaction in which a product or a service is exchanged for money. Markets are very efficient when it comes to the production of things that people want to buy.

Kurt Emans: The Magic of Market Economy

A competitive market is a market where many sellers compete with each other trying to get business from customers. In a scenario like this, every seller is motivated to sell at the lowest possible price. This drives prices so low that sellers can barely make a profit. Competition in the markets leads to efficiency because sellers are motivated to find the most effective ways of production and to minimize waste. Since competition in the markets is permanent, the need to become and stay efficient is also constant. Improving efficiency allows sellers to lower their prices and undercut competition, which leads to getting more customers and making more money.

Kurt Emans: The Magic of Market Economy

Markets also are capable of figuring out what people want. They then provide the products and services that satisfy people’s needs. All of this happens without any centralization. It is absolutely amazing because there are over seven billion people living on our planet. It would be absolutely impossible for someone to survey all seven billion people to establish what the majority wants.

Kurt Emans: The Magic of Market Economy

However, because of the properties of free markets, there is no need for the big picture. For example, the person that sells you a computer at a local store probably has no idea how many computers sold worldwide in the last year. All he or she knows is that you want a computer and they will make a profit by selling you one. When they do, they will order more computers from the factory hoping to sell them to more people, maybe even to Kurt Emans. The factory will then increase output to produce more computers.

These 6 Bad Ideas Movies convinced you are Stupid

Hollywood has a way of making things that are stupid or terrible in real life look like they’re awesome, like smoking, or fedoras, or Nicolas Cage. Well, this goes for most of the cool shit you see during action scenes, too – turns out that if you tried to pull off some of the sweet-ass moves every movie hero does, even if you were a highly trained professional, you’d just end up making a clown of yourself. Or a corpse. Most likely a corpse. ]

#1. Using a Large Caliber Handgun

Using a Large Caliber Handgun

#2. Shooting Locks off with a Handgun

Shooting Locks off with a Handgun

#3. Trying to Kick Ass in a Suit and Tie

#4. Using Laser Sights on a Sniper Rifle

Using Laser Sights on a Sniper Rifle

#5. Using a Flamethrower

Using a Flamethrower

#6. Firing Two Guns at the Same Time

Firing Two Guns at the Same Time

So the next time you’re trapped in a building with German terrorists, remember that you’d be better off not trying to do things like… Read continue

Top 10 Most Recommended News & Stories on Mashable [Arranged by Kurt Emans]

I know it need time to find out best news and stories over internet. To same your some valuable time here I arranged top 10 stories from Mashable. I hope you love these stories. Follow me on twitter @KurtEmans62 for more updates.
Go through the list that keep you updated about some best news and stories:

#1. ‘Boyfriends of Instagram’ showcases guys who struggle to make their girlfriends look picture perfect

Boyfriends of Instagram' showcases guys who struggle to make their girlfriends look picture perfect
Behind every great Instagram photo is a great photographer we don’t usually think about. The “Boyfriends of Instagram” Facebook page features the men behind the social media beauties and the ridiculous lengths they go to to capture a pic that will get ALL the “likes”.
Author of the story: @samiscelz
News source

#2. Microsoft President calls on tech companies to form ‘digital Geneva Convention’

Microsoft President calls on tech companies to form 'digital Geneva Convention'
The world’s tech leaders need to come together to protect users from state-sponsored attacks and other cybercrime.
That was the message from Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith who called on the tech industry to form a “digital Geneva Convention,” during an appearance at the RSA security conference in San Francisco.
Author of the news: @karissabe
Source link

#3. The #BodegaStrike is giving New Yorkers all the feels

The #BodegaStrike is giving New Yorkers all the feels
Grabbing a pack of gum on the way back from the subway Thursday won’t be easy as normal for New Yorkers. But they aren’t getting mad — instead, they’re snapping photos and showing love to their neighborhood bodegas on social media.
Story Writer: @sashajol
News Source

#4. The top 20 employee benefits and perks, according to Glassdoor

The top 20 employee benefits and perks, according to Glassdoor
Jobs site Glassdoor released a list of 20 companies that are offering unique perks. The list — not ranked by quality — was based on the hundreds of thousands of benefits reviews shared by employees on the site.
Author of the story: @kerrymflynn
Source page link

#5. Now anyone can climb Mount Everest in VR

Just last week, I had a great conversation with a Manhattan taxi driver named Sherpa, who, after I asked if his name was connected to Nepal, told me that he had indeed stopped working on Mount Everest to live in New York City. Smiling, he suggested I visit the famed (and quite dangerous) mountain one day, to which I replied, “I’m a fragile city guy, maybe one day I’ll visit it in virtual reality.”

Story Writer: @adariostrange
source of the news

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Insane drone footage shows massive damage and flooding at California’s Oroville Dam

Drone and helicopter footage over Northern California’s imperiled Oroville Dam show the widespread damage and furious flooding that forced more than 200,000 people to evacuate on Sunday.

High water levels at Lake Oroville this weekend prompted authorities to use the dam’s emergency spillway for the first time in its nearly 50-year history. The main spillway had suffered unexpected erosion earlier this week after heavy rains caused a 30-foot-deep hole in the structure… News Source