Kurt Emans Shared Tweets Related top Trending Topics in Columbus

To keep you up to date here in this post Kurt Emans shared some selected tweets from top trending topics in Columbus. Go through the post and know about the hot topics of Columbus:

#1. Trending Topic: #DefendtheLand


#2. Trending Topic: LeBron

#3. Trending Topic: #NBAFinals

#4. Trending Topic: “Bryson Tiller”

#5. Trending Topic: “Kent State”

#6. Trending Topic: Pittsburgh

#7. Trending Topic: Pens

#8. Trending Topic: “Denis Johnson”

#9. Trending Topic: #GUHHATL

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First blog post of Kurt Emans

Kurt Emans was born in 1962 in Columbus, Ohio. He got his graduation degree from Ohio state university. In 1981 he started his own company Emans Investment, LLC. Kurt Emans is is sports lover and was a member of national label football team of Ohio from 1975 to 1087. He won many medals for his game.